Texans need Insurance, whether you live on the Coast, in the Hill Country, up in the Panhandle or in a bustling metropolitan area, Homeowners Insurance protects the place you call home.

Homeowners Insurance provides coverage against losses and damage to your home, condo, or townhome. Your policy can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

The following examples are common types of coverage usually listed in your insurance policy:

Dwelling –  insures the “structure” of your home against risks covered by your insurance policy.

Other Structures covers structures that are detached from your home (detached garage, fence, tool sheds and more) up to the limit listed. 

Personal Propertycovers damage to, or loss of personal property. Personal property includes household contents and other personal belongings used or owned by you and your family.

Loss of Use – can help relieve some financial burden for housing, food, and other essential expenses, if you must temporarily relocate because of damage to your house from a covered loss, up to the limit specified.

Personal Liability – protects you and your family from claims arising from others for bodily injury or property damage. In some cases, personal Liability can be extended to other properties you own or rent. Ask about our Umbrella policy for additional coverage

Medical Payments – if a guest is injured on your property, Medical Payments will cover you regardless of fault, up to the limit listed.